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The Cells We Use

We believe nature is best at designing and qualifying antibodies, and our discovery engine utilizes the best cells for the job.

AbTheneum targets plasma cells from immunized mice. We also work with transgenic mice, human PBMCs, and wild-type mice and rats. Plasma cells have undergone affinity maturation, and are used for the large-scale production of antibodies in vivo. Which means the antibodies have been qualified by the immune system, have high affinity against their target, and are more likely to be developable as they are expressed in high amounts inside the cells. 

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The Specificity Of Our Antibodies

Being able to capture antibodies separately from the cells ensures greater confidence in the specificity of antibodies we screen.

AbTheneum captures the same antibodies on separate slides and screens them independently. This reduces the noise that comes from performing sequential screens in the same chamber or well.

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The Redundancy Of Our Process

When we capture sequences on our microarray, a location barcode is incorporated into each molecule. Each barcode can be used to tag multiple molecules of both heavy and light chain.

Not only that, each cell interacts with multiple barcodes, and each of these is capable of tagging multiple molecules. At the risk of repeating ourselves: We are highly confident in the sequences we deliver, thanks to the layers of redundancy built-in at the capture, library preparation, and sequencing stages.

Get All Of This Before You Know It.

As for speed? With AbTheneum™, it takes just 3 weeks to go from the point of receiving cells to delivering the final data package. 







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