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Made to keep all of your options open.

Collect first. Decide later.

AbTheneum sequences all of the IgGs en masse, then uses image analysis to filter the antigen-specific antibodies from all the rest.

What does that enable?

96 well crisp - Yellow-1

You don’t need to decide which cells to sequence; the answer is always: all of them.


You can decide, with all of the data in hand, which antibodies are best for your specific purpose. And if that purpose changes? You still have all of that data, right there in hand, to mine as often and in as many ways as you like.


You don’t need to specify the signal cutoff for sequencing antibodies, because the answer is: any cutoff. 


All IgGs are screened for their activity.


All IgG sequences are captured and mapped to their locations.


Antigen-specific sequences are filtered using image analysis from screening assays.

This is one decision worth making now.